Friday, October 28, 2011

Motivation Comes From a Victim

I have had some physical ailments since I completed my last marathon in April. They are bothersome, but to me nothing compared to the battles so many fight against Breast Cancer. One of the negatives, I have experienced during this time, is I have not been running as far or as often. I really missed my running. I got the OK from my doctors to resume running about two weeks ago. Restriction, no speed work, or no distance. With the layoff, my body accepted those conditions without question!

I began with a slow 2 mile run. No negative side effects. Several days later I bumped up my mileage to 3. I kept that distance for three days, allowing for a rest day in between. Several of my running friends registered for a 5K, that was held last evening. I was planning to run 3 miles, so why not run the 5K and enjoy the festivities.

Once I hit the "submit" button and my registration was "official", I began to have second thoughts. Maybe I was taking on too much by running a race. My answer was, it's not a race, you are going to pace yourself. It is a training run with 500+ people! Thursday morning brought me more negative thoughts. I could just run my mileage in my neighborhood and there would be no pressure. Back and forth I went most of the day. Crazy to fret over a 5K. I was still debating my decision as late as 4:00pm, for a 6:30pm race.

I had been on my computer and was ready to shut things down and get ready, or was I ready? I took one last quick look at my Facebook page and saw a post from a lady named Nikki to Donna Deegan. Nikki mentioned that her mother-in-law had passed away earlier in the week from Breast Cancer. The pain that Nikki was feeling was evident in her post. She thanked Donna for all she does and mentioned that she was going to run the half-marathon in February.

I knew at that moment I had to run that 5K. No more excuses, no more doubts. That post on Facebook "pushed" me to stop my whining and run! I felt a bit awkward when I responded to Nikki's post that I would dedicate my 5K her her mother-in law. I do not know Nikki, I did not know her mother-in-law. I knew only one thing and that was to run.

For anyone who follows this blog, I proudly wear a pink bandanna at my races. It has traveled to many different races and gone many miles. It is the original bandanna I received at the first expo for the BCM in 2008. It is beginning to fray, the color is fading, but it is filled with many memories. I have several brand new, in the wrapper, pink bandannas. It just wouldn't be the same.

Race time came, I said a prayer and off I went. I was so excited to be "racing" again. My emotions were brought to the verge of tears when I thought of "who" gave me the nudge to run this race. So many victims of this deadly disease. I have several friends, including Donna Deegan and my dear friend Donna Nelson, who are survivors. We need to keep running and as the race slogan says, "FINISH" Breast Cancer. To all of the Nikki's and all of the victims and survivors out there, may God Bless You!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"A Marathon from Fear to Love"

This video says it all! Please take a moment to watch it. You will understand why I run it and why so many friends have chosen this race. Just click on the word video to view. Thank you!