Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Years and Counting

Yesterday was the 3rd annual "26.2 with Donna - The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. Once again I have a new "Inspiration" photo of me and my friend Donna. This blog began with Donna on the sidelines, less than 6 months into her treatment. Last year we added a new photo when Donna returned to running at this race. This year she was back out there, training completed and she rocked the course. You are amazing!

So many stories over the past few years. Some have made this blog, others are unwritten, still others unknown. Mari Johnson contributed a story earlier this year. Mari ran the race yesterday in memory of her mother-in-law Cathy Johnson. I posted a story about another friend, Joan, who is currently continuing her fight against this disease, and making progress! You all have a friend or relative, or maybe you are in the fight. This event, this race is for you.

During the race you see many signs or shirts with the word "remembering". So many names, so many losses. You cannot participate in this event without being moved to tears at some point. After I finished and was walking past the crowds lining the fence, I saw a woman who reminded me of how I saw Donna two years ago. She was wearing a pink bandanna and showed the signs of her chemo treatment. I walked over to her, put my hand on hers and told her, "this is all for you." Let us pray that she will be out there again next February 13, 2011.

There are so many races throughout the country to choose from. I have been blessed with the ability to travel and participate in many of them. There is only one that I will commit to each year and that is the "26.2 with Donna - The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer". Please, if you are a runner, or walker, you can do this. One of the unique things about this event is that 100% of the registration fee goes toward the fight against breast cancer.

I will be registering for next years race later today. Please, come out and support the fight to the finish. February 13, 2011.